Monday, March 16, 2009


oil 4x4

This painting was done for the different strokes for different folks challenge. I had fun with this challenge. I love sushi. The first time I had it was 25 years ago in Japan. I was an english conversatn teacher for Mitsubishi. My students took my out on the town and bought me all kinds of things to try. I really like a lot of wasbi on mine.


r garriott said...

Good story to go with your good sushi (and everything's better with wasabi)! That must have been adventurous and fun. Lucky you!

Christine MacLellan said...

Thanks garriott I love your fun sushi too.

Sheila said...

How cool are you to have lived in Japan! Was Mitsubishi in Tokyo or one of the suburbs?

The black background is sooooooo Japanese! Great job.

Christine MacLellan said...

Yes Sheila it was great! I lived in a little suburb outside of Osaka called Itami. It was literaly in the rice paddies. My neighbors were so nice!