Monday, April 13, 2009

The Orton Effect

Vase of Lillies and A Day at the Beach 
photography using the Orton Effect.

I love this effect on photos it adds a dreamy quality to a photo and it really inspires me to want to paint the subject. Give it a try below are the directions.

1. Open your image
2. Duplicate the background layer right click on the background layer and choose duplicate and name that layer sharp.
3. Create another duplicate of the background layer
4. Change the Blending mode of the sharp copy to screen
5. With the sharp copy layer selected right click and choose merge down image 2
6. Right click on the sharp layer choose duplicate and name this layer out of focus
7. On the filter menue choose blur - gaussian blur image 3
8. Change the blending mode of the out of focus layer to multiply image 4


Betty Reineke said...

Thank you for the lesson on The Orton Effect. Very interesting and I will try it.
Happy painting :)

Christine in Art said...

Thanks Betty glad you enjoyed it.

Chartan said...

yeah, that's really cool. thanks.