Thursday, April 2, 2009

Thank You Olga Wagner for passing on the Passion for Painting blog award. I was stunned to see this award! Olga you made my day. Recipients are asked to list seven things they love, then tag seven more painters which I admire.

The seven things I love.
1. My Family all of them, this includes pets
2. Painting of course
3. The Ocean
4. The Moutains
5. The  Forests
6. Children
7. Gardening

The Seven Artists I Admire

Artists If you choose to accept this award please list seven things You love. and list seven artists you admire. Thanks and  Happy Blogging!


Maggie Mayer said...

Thanks so much for the award Christine! You are so sweet. You have a great blog. I am a little in over my head with a children book illustration project but hope to get back to blogging very soon.

James Parker said...

Congratulations, Christine...your loves and artists are well chosen. And thank you for joining my blogalong...each follower to my blog is very special to me.