Thursday, October 21, 2010

Windows of Inspiration a new project

Window of Inspiration.  
Christine MacLellan view from my studio Cary, NC 10.21.10 2:30pm

A new creative project. Like any creative project inspiration fuels a modivation that just needs to be realized.  This is the window I look out from my desk in the studio. When I am creating, working or just living. This window like others for individuals around the world provide a quite rest for the eyes, a break to think, reflect, and daydream. I need your help for this project. I want to see your window of inspiration. I want to collect these images and do a project with them. I won't know what I want to do with them for sure until I see them come in, but I just think this will lead to a great project. Please refer to the side bar for submission guidlines.  Thanks to all in advance for participating.

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